Marine Life on the ex-HMAS Adelaide has developed

The ex HMAS Adelaide was sunk 18 months ago off Avoca Beach on the New South Wales Central Coast and the marine life has started to develop on and around the dive wreck.

Matt Dowse, a local diver, has taken some excellent photos of the marine life on the ship.

This is what the bow of the ship looked like 10 weeks post-sinking and marine life has just started to form.

Marine Life on the bow of the ex_HMAS Adelaide 10 weeks post-sinking. Courtesy Matt Dowse Flickr

Matt has taken another photo of the bow, in February 2012 (10 months post sinking) and the bow has developed a significant amount of growth and marine life.

ex HMAS Adelaide Bow on 27-2-12

Marine Life on the bow of the ex_HMAS Adelaide 10 months post-sinking. Courtesy Matt Dowse Flickr

Many species of fish have been seen on the sunk ex-HMAS Adelaide, while according to Tony Diaz of Pro-dive at Killarney Vale, seals and even whales have been seen checking out the dive wreck.

Adelaide Cuttlefish 15-4-12

Giant Cuttlefish on the deck of the ex-HMAS Adelaide, 12 months post sinking. Photo courtesy Matt Dowse Flickr

Friends of mine, Jo Edney and Graeme Lehman dived the ex-HMAS Adelaide 17 months post sinking and took the following video, which includes images of the marine life.

The Central Coast Marine Discovery Centre at Terrigal recently hosted a photographic competition. Hopefully I’ll be able to update you with the results soon.

ex-HMAS Adelaide Photographic competition flyer


Click on image to see more ex-HMAS Adelaide marine life photographs