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ex-HMAS Adelaide took 90 seconds to sink at Avoca Beach becoming a new dive site for the Central Coast and Sydney

Ex-HMAS Adelaide waiting to be sunk off Avoca Beach

The last sunrise the ex-HMAS Adelaide will see while afloat at Avoca Beach Photo Courtesy of Ian (Beetwo77) Flickr

The crows has had gathered at Avoca Beach and North Avoca Beach to watch the sinking of the ex-HMAS Adelaide which will be come a scuba dive wreck. People lines the clifftops, they were on the top of buildings and even on the top of the big blue water tower above Terrigal Beach. View full article »

Warning Signs are up for the Sinking of the ex-HMAS Adelaide, but is it too late?

Clearway, road closed are all the go in Avoca Beach for the sinking of the ex-HMAS Adelaide as a scuba dive wreck. The local paper, the Central Coast Express Advocate has a headline story about the sinking.

ex-HMAS Adelaide Dive Dive Dive

But it appears that it is all too late. Video footage has confirmed that the ex-HMAS Adelaide has already been sunk, 5 days ahead of time.

Well, almost!

It appears that is hasn’t been sunk yet, and there are lots of clearway signs at Kincumber, North Avoca and Avoca Beach just ready for the sinking to make way for the dive wreck.

ex-HMAS adelaide Clearway sign

Roads will be closed early at Avoca Beach, if you want to get a good car parking space, be there before 1:00am.

Road Closed for HMAS Adelaide Sinking

Looks as though security around the ship will be pretty tight, no access without official authorisation within 1km of the sinking site. I didn’t realise the shark net was so close to the beach and it looks as though it is almost 2.5km long. Have whales ever been caught in this net?

Sinking map - closeup

The interest in the sinking of the ex-HMAS Adelaide as a dive wreck has reached far and wide. Even Ship Spotters are interested.

Shipspotting ex-HMAS Adelaide
The Tourist companies are well and truly getting ready and there is a myriad of choice. Bizarre photo of a ship though!

FantaSea Cruisers ex-HMAS Adelaide

But the No Ship group have not given up, as this video shows.

But the debate is still raging, check out this story on the website of the local newspaper

Express Advocate article April 5 2011

Preparations are beginning for the sinking of ex-HMAS Adelaide on the Central Coast

Gosford City Council notices today show a big article featuring the sinking of the ex-HMAS Adelaide at Avoca Beach, proposed for Wednesday 13th April 2011.

Gosford City Council, ex-HMAS Adelaide sinking notice in the Express Advocate 23rd March 2011

A lot of people are hoping this will happen, while there are also a lot of people hoping it will not. The proposed sinking of the ex-HMAS Adelaide at Avoca Beach has polarised the Central Coast Community.

Pro-Sinking Support View full article »

Avoca Beach prepares for traffic jams when the ex-HMAS Adelaide sinks in 32m of water.

The roadsigns are up as preparations are being made for the scuttling of the ex-HMAS Adelaide so it can be made into a recreational scuba dive wreck off Avoca Beach on the New South Wales Central Coast.

ex-HMAS scuttling road closure sign

ex-HMAS Adelaide road closure sign at Avoca Beach

Roads are being closed and parking is going to be View full article »

Will the sinking of the ex-HMAS Adelaide as a diving wreck go ahead at Avoca Beach as planned?

Opposition to the sinking of the ex-HMAS Adelaide 1.7km off Avoca Beach on the New South Wales Central Coast as a recreational scuba diving wreck is gathering momentum as local residents are extremely concerned about the possible affect that the 4000 tonne ship will have on the local environment.

A special website has been created by Avoca Beach locals to alert people of the issue and a Facebook group “Stop Toxic Ship Being Dumped In Avoca Beach” was formed on the 19th of February and to date has 2,049 members.

The sinking of the ex-HMAS Adelaide has also been featured on the local and Australia-wide press with local ABC Radio interviewing local long-time residents Dr Ian Charleton, Quintin Riley and Gary Whittaker about their concerns of the sinking of the ex-HAMS Adelaide as a scuba diving wreck.

The residents are very concerned about the potential for harmful chemicals to be leached from the ex-HMAS Adelaide ship into the beautiful Avoca Beach environment and the lack of consultation by the government with the local residents.

There are supporters of the project however, and a rival “- AGREE – HMAS Adelaide off Avoca Beach – AGREE -” Facebook group has been formed that supports the project.

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Diving Depths of the ex-HMAS Adelaide

The ex-HMAs Adeliade when it is sunk off Avoca Beach will rest in about 32m of water, and the top of the mast will only be in about 6.5m below the surface which raises the question as to whether it will be necessary to use scuba equipment to dive to the Adelaide Dive Wreck. Maybe freestyle diving without equipment may be possible to some parts of the Adelaide Dive Wreck?

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HMAS Adelaide Dive Wreck Location Revealed

The location of the ex-HMAS Adelaide dive wreck location has been revealed at Avoca Beach on the NSW Central Coast Australia.

A bouy marking the location is easily seen from the Avoca surf beach.


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