Diving Depths of the ex-HMAS Adelaide

The ex-HMAs Adeliade when it is sunk off Avoca Beach will rest in about 32m of water, and the top of the mast will only be in about 6.5m below the surface which raises the question as to whether it will be necessary to use scuba equipment to dive to the Adelaide Dive Wreck. Maybe freestyle diving without equipment may be possible to some parts of the Adelaide Dive Wreck?

Depths of water at which various parts of the ex-HMAS Adelaide superstructure will be located.

The 3900 ton ex-HMAS Adelaide is 138m long, 14m wide and approximately18m high to the top of the bridge. The ship is being prepared for scuttling by getting holes cut into the superstructure which will allow access for divers.

It will be interesting to see if the ex-HMAS Adelaide sinks to the bottom and remains upright. Documentation from the government indicates that lines will be attached to the bow and the stern of the ex-HMAS Adelaide and attached to tugs which will facilitate the sinking which should ensure the ship remains upright. But has the ex-HMAS Adelaide got a flat keel? How long will the tugs have to be in place so that the keel settles into the sand to prevent the ex-HMAS Adelaide from toppling over?

The HMAS Swan Wreck at Geographe Bay Dunsborough Western Australia is also in water 32 meters deep, and seems to have remained upright as shown in this video.

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