Avoca Beach prepares for traffic jams when the ex-HMAS Adelaide sinks in 32m of water.

The roadsigns are up as preparations are being made for the scuttling of the ex-HMAS Adelaide so it can be made into a recreational scuba dive wreck off Avoca Beach on the New South Wales Central Coast.

ex-HMAS scuttling road closure sign

ex-HMAS Adelaide road closure sign at Avoca Beach

Roads are being closed and parking is going to be a real challenge on the day of the scuttling, 27th March. Most of the streets in Avoca Beach will either be closed or parking restrictions will be enforced during the day.

ex-HMAS Adeliade Scuttling roadsign

Parking restrictions on the day of the scuttling of the ex-HMAS Adelaide at Avoca Beach.

Might be best to take the bus or be prepared for a long walk to view the scuttling off Avoca or North Avoca beach.

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