The ex-HMAS Adelaide is to be scuttled off Avoca Beach and will become a dive wreck attracting a multitude of marine life and will thrill divers from around the world.

HMAS Adelaide

Courtesy of phiddy79 on Flickr

The ex-HMAS Adelaide served in the bay of Bengal in 2007 with ship from the United States, India, Japan and Singapore.

HMAS Addelaide in formation

Courtesy of NoahDeLaughter on Flickr

In 2001 the ex-HMAS Adelaide was protecting oil terminals in the Northern Persian Gulf.

ex-HMAS Adelaide in Iraq

HMAS Adelaide patrols the waters around the oil terminals in the North Persian Gulf. Courtesy of tormentor4555 on Flickr

The ex-HMAS Adelaide is now waiting at White Bay in Sydney Harbour waiting to be cleaned before scuttling at Avoca beach to become a dive site on the NSW Central Coast.

Ex-HMAS Adelaide

Ex-HMAS Adelaide at White Bay waiting to be scuttled. Courtesy of woosang, on Flickr

Ex-HMAS Adelaide

Ex-HMAS Adelaide with hatch doors removed, and diving entrances ready to be removed by cutting charges when scuttled. Courtesy of woosang, on Flickr

If it was to be sunk with the missiles and torpedoes then it truly would be a unique dive site!

HMAS Adelaide torpedo launching. Courtesy of Larry Zou on Flickr

HMAS Adelaide missiles

ex-HMAS Adelaide missiles, courtesy of Sheba-Also on Flickr

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